An Overload of Happy Endings

We are ECSTATIC to announce that we have found happy endings for not one, two, three but FOUR of our loving cats! And all in the matter of the last week!

Cats in Tow is proud to announce the adoption of Cha Cha, Phoenix, Anime, and Isis! 🙂 

cha cha adoption

Cha Cha found her forever home with the lovely Nobue as she heads off to new adventures and new friends! We can’t wait to see how she settles into her new happy life.

phoenix adoption

Phoenix was a popular ticket over the weekend but found her forever home in the lap of Satya! She couldn’t wait to get home to her new best friends.

anime adoption

We finally found a home for our baby Anime! She had lots of love throughout the day but decided she loved Zach and Heather the most. They couldn’t wait to take her home!

isis adoption

Last but not least Isis finally found her happy ending with her perfect fit Alison. As Alison just lost one of her cats, Isis will help Alison and her other cat get through the grief of their recent buddy. Sounds like a perfect job for the nurturing Isis!

So much good news we can hardly contain ourselves! These kinds of happy endings are what we strive for on a daily basis, and the reason we love to do what we do.

Share these stories to put an instant smile on someone’s face, and stay tuned for our next batch of happy endings 🙂


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