Fundraising: One Paw at a Time

It’s easy to feel helpless when faced with a big problem. You end up feeling like a tiny speck in a great big world with no way of making a difference. Especially with something as huge as cat overpopulation.

There are millions of cats on the streets without loving homes. We try to focus on helping one cat at a time because when it comes down to it, finding a home for one cat is better than leaving them all alone!

This is exactly what the Butler boys thought.

butler boys fundraising

Jacob and Mark Butler took it upon themselves to help our organization in any way they could. So they started small, and with something they could access. They decided to collect cans, and lots of em!

Before they knew it they collected a nice chunk of change. And in the grand scheme of things, it may not be a large sum to solve the overall problem. But those cans are going to buy a new bed for a cold kitty, more food for a starving family, and new toys to create a life of happiness for our balls of joy.

And we think that’s more than amazing. It’s exactly how we run our organization, one paw at a time 🙂

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