Fundraising Spotlight: Diva

If you didn’t already know, Cats in Tow isn’t just about adopting cats. Oh no, we love cats way too much to stop there! The Cats in Tow Organization also provides a sanctuary for feral cats that are incapable of becoming adopted but still need a warm, loving home.

As we’ve mentioned before, cat overpopulation is a massive problem that can’t easily be solved. Trying to find a home for every abandoned cat we come across is nearly impossible, but the cat sanctuary does help relieve some of that stress. Our cat sanctuary is ordinance approved to provide a caring shelter for feral cats that cannot manage interaction with people or simply cannot get adopted.

This is where we need your help! Fundraising is a constant function of any nonprofit organization, but more than anything we need to fight to keep this conservation going!

Keep it going for who you ask? Well, meet Diva!



Diva is one of our first residents to find a home in the cat sanctuary. Our organization owner found her after a young couple informed her that they had a pregnant cat in their backyard. When Judith found her, she was skinny, crying and luckily only in heat. After taking Diva to the vet to take care of any future pregnancies, she soon settled into the sanctuary and made a home for herself in the bathroom.

Diva almost found a home in Pasadena to a lovely adopter who wanted to give her a forever home. Sadly as soon as she arrived she cried for weeks on end. Turns out Diva had become homesick for the sanctuary she was already settled into. So Judith brought her home to the sanctuary where she happily resides today.

Diva and other sanctuary cats love their happy home, but in order to keep them healthy and happy we need your help! Like we always say, any solution can be reached one paw at a time 🙂

Donate Today! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Fundraising Spotlight: Diva

    • Thanks so much for saying that Kris. We definitely do what we can but sometimes it does get hard. We just have to remember to stay positive and think of things one paw at a time 🙂

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