The Fairytale of Cat Adoption

One of the best parts of our job is being able to be part of a fairytale. Everyday when we come to work, we hope to get the chance to write our own chapter of happily ever after.

And through all the kitty litter, sweat and tears those happy endings are what get us through the day.

Mustang found his fairytale just in time for Christmas last year when the Wieland Family decided Santa would be the one to bring their happily ever after ending.

mustang family

Since then, Mustang has had no problem becoming part of the family. He enjoys playing hide and seek and the kids love him so much they can hardly resist giving him love and attention. Sure seems like those are the least of his worries these days.

Mustang has truly become the king of the castle in the Wieland family, and we couldn’t be prouder that we were able to write the first few lines in his new chapter of life.


Stay tuned for many more happy endings here at Cats in Tow 🙂


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