More Fairytales and Happy Endings

As you know, we love sharing our happy endings here at Cats in Tow. When you’re a cat rescue and adoption center, there’s nothing better than hearing about loving cats finally finding their forever homes.

And we are glad to say that we have a batch of fairytales to share with you today! 🙂

Our past weekend at the adoption center in Petsmart Brea was full of new families and happy kitties and we couldn’t be prouder. Our first fairytale starts with Mama Maggie and her seven kittens.
maggie2Maggie came to us when her kittens were already four and a half months old. This is a dangerous age as it doesn’t take long for kittens to become feral when they don’t have contact with humans. We were worried that we would not be able to re-socialize these seven babies after so long without human contact, but with some extra care and a whole lot of love we made the impossible happen.

Volunteers Lani and Alissa were the heroes responsible for this amazing feat. They’re also responsible for what was to come next.

fluffy and harley

Fluffy and Harley, two of Mama Maggie’s babies, were the first of the happy endings! They were adopted the first day they were brought into the adoption center, and were able to find their forever home together. Being able to leave the center as brother and sister was a true stroke of fate.


Next to find their happy home was Patches. Soon after her brother and sister left she was comforted by the love of her new friend Jordan. Luckily Patches didn’t need to miss her siblings for long and excitedly jumped into Jordan’s lap to go to her new home.


The last of the adoptable Mama Maggie clan was Batman, who had grown fond of his foster home with Alissa. After making friends with Alissa’s cat Jedi, it was hard for Batman to understand why he had to leave his new friend. He spent his days in the center miserable and scared. Little did he know that his new friend Jedi was spending his days just the same back at home. That’s when Alissa realized that maybe Batman had his forever home all along. Now, Batman and Jedi are the best of friends and couldn’t be happier!

“Batman is rubbing on Jedi like crazy and actually meowing. I’ve never heard him meow like this. It was so meant to be.” – Alissa

The remaining three babies of Mama Maggie are still at the sanctuary working toward a loving home like their brothers and sisters. Sadly, these siblings have resisted re-socialization a bit more than the others, but are coming together at their own pace. We’re hoping to share those happy endings with you very soon as well, so stay tuned!

Last but not least comes the story of our prince Benson.


Benson was only with us for a short while but made a big impact. This 5-year-old declawed Persian was definitely a lover, and showed it with everyone he met. Some of his favorite things included being held like a baby, lots of love, and wet food. Like the prince that he was, he enjoyed eating wet food from a spoon and was very vocal if he didn’t get what he wanted. It was no wonder it was no time at all before Benson found his forever home.


We know he’ll have a happy home with adopter Lorraine and can’t wait to hear about all the great stories from their new family!

As we continue to work toward saving abandoned and forgotten cats one paw at a time, we can’t help but take a second to look at all these happy stories. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of cats that need our help, but looking at the positive impact made on each of these cats reminds us that being able to give even one cat a chance at a beautiful life makes it all worth it.


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