Fundraising Spotlight: Rex and Tanner

We have many stories of fairytales and happy endings, but the truth is many cats find their happy endings in places like our cat sanctuary. Some cats just aren’t meant to live a typical house cat life, and that’s okay. As long as they get the love and safety they deserve, we still consider these twists of fate happy endings after all.

Take Rex for example:


 Rex is approximately 9 years old and was one of the first kittens from the sanctuary’s neighborhood litters. Along with his brother and sister, he was taken back and forth to adoption shows. Finally his brother and sister were adopted, but sadly left Rex behind.

Soon after, a mom and daughter came in and were interested in Rex’s loving eyes. However, he became very upset, meowing loudly and pacing around the adoption center. The program was forced to halt the adoption in fear it would not work out. Many store helpers commented on Rex’s curious behavior, as this was not his typical loving manner.

Organization owner Serafini decided to bring him  home in hopes to calm him down. Sure enough, he quickly jumped into her lap to cuddle, purr, and clearly illustrate, “I have a home, why are you making me leave?”

Rex - Tanner

Since then, Rex has become the nuturing male cat for transitioning kittens and feral cats.In the photo he is comforting a scared, grieving Tanner who was left behind when both his sister and brother, who were attached at the hip, were adopted without him. Tanner’s heart broke after being separated from his brother and sister.

While he still talks he cannot be touched. He stays distant. This is the reason bonded pairs should never be broken. Once a cat creates a loving bond with another cat it is hard to break. They will carry around that connection for the rest of their lives, much like humans. The cats are never the same and some, like poor Tanner, suffer lifelong trust issues. Luckily, he has a forever home in our nurturing sanctuary. And with the help and support of fellow abandoned sibling Rex, he’s getting better one day at a time.

These are examples of not-so-happy endings turning into fairytales of their own with a little help from Cats in Tow. We realize we can’t give every cat we meet a glamorous new home full of treats and wet food, however we can provide them with love and shelter safe from the city streets. And in the end that’s better than nothing. Being able to see Tanner and Rex cuddling together or hearing purring in the other room is what makes it all worth it.

It’s also yet another reason why donations are so important to our organization! We can’t provide for cats like Rex and Tanner without your help. So please take a second and show your support for the fairytales out of not-so-happy endings!

Donate Today! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fundraising Spotlight: Rex and Tanner

  1. So true what you have shared in this post. SCAR tries very hard to have bonded pairs adopted together. SCAR’s original “shelter cat” recently passed but we have new “volunteers”! Sizi

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