Another Cat Adoption Fairytale

We love to share the stories of successful adoptions here at Cats in Tow, and hearing the happy endings of our cats after they find their forever home is one of the best rewards we could ask for.

We asked some of our past adopters to share their new lives with their forever friends and received some great responses. Jeanne was thrilled to share her story of how she came to find her newest family member, Vincent Simon Rocco. Read her story below ūüôā


“After my cat 20 year old Beaux, who I adopted from Petsmart, died in January 2010, I thought I would never get another cat, his death was so painful.”


“But I finally decided it was time again. ¬†I bought the Modko cat litter box, the Petfusion Cat lounger, cat carrier and food bowls and mats before I had picked out a new kitten. ¬†I was ready! ¬†I was set on getting a blue silver cat, since my last 2 cats were both black and white. ¬†But when I was shown Vincent’s pic at the Brea Petsmart, I had to have him. ¬†I went crazy at Petsmart, bought him his christmas toys, and all kinds of fun things for him to use during the year. ¬†The first week I had him I took him to my vet who gave him a clean bill of health. ¬†He also inserted a chip in him just in case we are ever separated.

My niece Shelly and 2nd cousin Lexi, both 19, moved in with me the¬†weekend before this last Christmas. By that time, it was 2 weeks Vince had lived with me. ¬†So it was an adjustment period for all 4 of us!¬† Neither of them had ever lived with a cat ¬†before. ¬†They now love cats, especially Vincent. They never thought they would like cats, they have always been dog lovers. ¬†Lexi is the one who takes care of him the most besides me. ¬†She’s the one who gets him exercising the most, with the numerous toys we have around the house. ¬†He’s loves his little cat nip filled sardines, lemon slice, and cracker. ¬†And he is spoiled, crying for his food and water when its¬†not time yet.¬†He loves to drink water from the faucet, and just wants to eat when I stand next to him. It’s no surprise to find him sleeping in my bathroom sink during the day.”


“We live in apartments with very high balconies, and I have learned he can’t go out onto the balcony. We are 5 floors up and I have seen him try to jump on our small iron balcony more than once. ¬†My heart just dropped the first time I saw him try. ¬†He has also tried to “escape” out the front door a couple of times; but he is an indoor cat forever now!

 Why do I call him Vincent Simon Rocco?  I named him Vincent, because of his red hair, like Vincent Van Gogh, his second name is for my favorite singer and poet, Simon LeBon, and his 3rd name Rocco was the name his rescuer gave him before I adopted him, so I kept that name to honor her.

¬†For some reason Vince has become my 2nd alarm clock. ¬†He wakes me up in the morning by biting my legs. ¬†Not sure how he got that habit, but it hurts. He has attacked my arms a few times, and my family and friends are always shocked to see his “love scratches” on my arms. I use a water bottle now to stop his “playful” habit.

¬†My next plan for him is to start a wardrobe, not too many¬†clothes, but I’d love him to have a variety of collars I can choose from, probably mostly cobalt blue, it’s a great color next to his red hair! ¬†Isn’t variety the spice of life for cats too! ¬†Besides, my little cousin Lexi is going to be on a reality show soon, so I’m hoping Vincent gets to star in a few¬†episodes. He needs to look sharp!

¬†I love my Vincent very much now. ¬†No matter what, I’m never giving him up, just need to wear long sleeves more often. ūüôā ¬†Thanks so much for bringing Vincent into our lives..he is greatly loved by all!”


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