Volunteer Spotlight: the Gates Family

Volunteers are the backbone of the Cats in Tow organization and we can’t even begin to salute those that have assisted this organization in any shape or form. As a small non profit, we rely on the goodwill of others to help run, facilitate and fund our program and would not be where we are today without them.

Our group of volunteers is made up of many different people that have dedicated even a fraction of their life toward our cause of saving cats. And we’d love to share some of those stories with you here on our blog.

Our very first volunteer spotlight is showcasing the Gates family and their dedication to the Cats in Tow Organization from the very beginning. As one of our most dedicated families, we could not thank the Gates family enough for all they’ve done!

Meet the Gates Family!

gates family

1. How did you and your family get involved with Cats in Tow?

It started with my daughter Cori. She needed to do some volunteer work to satisfy graduation requirements for high school. We are a family who loves cats, so I suggested she look for opportunities involving animals. She found Judith and Cats and Tow and got started.  A couple of weeks in, her job had scheduled her to work on one of her volunteer days at the last minute, so she asked me to fill in for her.  I found that first day to be very rewarding and therapeutic, not to mention I fell in love with the resident kitties immediately and decided to keep coming in whenever I could. After a couple more weeks, I asked my husband to join us, and he too enjoyed working with the cats.  Cori has long since met her requirements for school and now just does it because she loves it.

2. What are some of the things you’ve done with the organization?

We have helped with caring for the cats in the scope of feeding and cleaning their living spaces, helped train new volunteers, assist in screening the prospective parents,  research and recommending feline diet and nutritional needs to some cats that could benefit from a change in food for their health, advise new adopters on how to handle or correct behavioral issues or how to introduce their new family member to the home and everyone in it, and we have done a lot of work socializing cats that would otherwise be deemed antisocial, angry or depressed, so they can live happier lives.

3. What keeps you devoted to volunteering your time?

Knowing that these cats will get the second chances that they deserve.  They have been dealt a bad hand in life, for whatever reason and through no fault of their own.  It warms our hearts every time another one gets to go off to a wonderful, safe and loving new home.  Its a good purpose to have.  It’s an even better feeling to know you have a part in their happiness and futures.

4. What do you want to share with everyone about volunteering with animals?

It is so rewarding.  You get to know and bond with each of them so quickly.  Animals can see when you care, and have such love for those who do.  They come into our homes and depend on us.  They wait for us to get home all day just to enjoy our company.  When you see these little guys in the shelters light up when they see you, cause they know you are there to give them your attention, it feels good.  When you see them become friendlier and more trusting of you, week after week, it reminds you that you have an effect on them. When you see them go home, you know you had a part in helping them get there.  You get to meet wonderful animal lovers like yourself and build new friendships.

I also want to make mention of what the organization has done for me.  It has helped me regain my faith in people. I have met so many wonderful people with amazing hearts through the program; volunteers, adopters and even passers by.  Cats in Tow, along with many of its volunteers came together to help my cat in his time of need.  During my experience working with Judith and the program, I have come to realize that I want to work with animals much more in my life and hopefully in a much bigger scale someday.  I have since moved to volunteering at a veterinary clinic to gain more experience and knowledge to work toward that goal, but I still come in and help out at Cats in Tow when ever I can, or whenever a fill in is needed.  I love it to much to leave completely.  Dave and Cori, can still be found at the center regularly.

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