Trey at Vet Needs Care $$$$

Trey at Vet

From Lorraine: “What makes Trey very extra special is that he is a three legged cat. Sometimes I think he is human. He started having kidney problems so I took him in to La Palma Vet to have some blood work done and found that he was starting to have some problems with his kidneys. As days went on he started getting worse he was not eating & not drinking much water. So I decided to take him to another vet for a second option. He has been at the Garden Grove Dog & Cat hospital since Monday having fluid therapy . The vets concern is that he may have kidney cancer, so he under went a ultra sound to rule out cancer along with other tests. So far I am looking over $ 800.”

The results of the ultrasound show NO CANCER; but his organs seem to be struggling. The “WHY” is what is needed. Please help us raise vet funds for Trey’s care:

1) Call Garden Grove Dog & Cat Hospital for Trey Rudolph by calling 714-537-8800 10822 Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove Ca or

2) Pledge monies through Lorraine’s PayPal account (gift)

Even rescuer’s pets need help sometime!


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