Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley (Part 2)

This week we are featuring the story of Harley, previously know as Kiki.  Harley is in our pre-adoption program and is living with a foster family until she is ready for spaying and adopting. Since Harley’s foster mom sent us some enchanting photos with the report on Harley’s first week, we thought it was a great way to talk about the Cats In Tow pre-adoption program.
Some of you may be wondering how this tiny little kitten already has two names. While this can happen when there is confusion on the sex of a kitten, Harley’s case is a matter of personality. Foster mom Kassiday came up with the suggestion, ” I was wondering if I would be able to rename Kiki to Harley. Her rambunctious personality fits it way better than Kiki. And also she… [has the] loudest purr I’ve ever heard!”
You can almost hear that engine humming when you look at this photo!

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