Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley (Part 3)


We all know that cats have been enriching our lives since Egyptian times. But they are still not fully domesticated in that they need to be socialized with humans at an early age. Cat rescue organizations, including Cats In Tow, rely on volunteers to take in these young kittens who are not old enough to be spayed/neutered, and therefore adopted, to get the kittens used to people.
Harley is one of these young kittens and is learning the ways of people with foster mom Kassidy.  Kassidy sent us a report and photos from Harley’s first week, and we are sharing some of the highlights.  Harley (previously known as Kiki) is taking life with people in stride.  Kassidy shares: “She was not afraid of any visitors and was eager to play with them.”
If this photo is any indication, Harley seems to quite enjoy the spotlight.

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