Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley (Part 4)

We at Cats in Tow think all cats deserve a good life. For the last few days we’ve shared the story of Harley, who through the Cats In Tow pre-adoption program, is well on her way to such a life. Harley, previously known as Kiki, is living in a foster home and socializing with people until she is old enough to be spayed and adopted. While Harley has some things to learn, like how to enjoy being petted without thinking hands are play things, she definitely seems to be taking to some aspects of domesticated life.  Here are a few more highlights from foster mom Kassidy’s report on Harley’s first week:

“Kiki loves to roll around continuously and has hours of play in store. She loves batting at her toys when she’s on her scratching post. Her favorite place to nap is on my furry blanket.”
Yes, that furry blanket does seem to just the right spot for Harley!



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