First Step

Three to four million.  That was an estimate from 2009-2010 of how many dogs and cats are euthanized in the U.S. Just in the U.S. If you extrapolate that to the world, the numbers are staggering. These are dogs and cats of all ages and breeds. These are dogs and cats that deserve loving homes. But the fact is that there are not enough shelters or loving homes. Shelters are overrun and there will never be enough homes for all of the unwanted pets brought to shelters and rescue organizations.

What can you do? The very first thing is to get your pets spayed and neutered.  This may sound basic, but according to the ASPCA website, only “10% of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered.” That means we have a long way to go in spaying and neutering our own pets and talking to our friends and families about their pets. In case you need a little more information, we at Cats in Tow has found a few good links on the myths and benefits of spaying and neutering.
Let’s get that three to four million down – spay and neuter!
Helpful links:

Spay neuter tabby pix

One thought on “First Step

  1. And the amazing part is that you don’t realize how many people have such misconceptions about spaying and neutered until you’ve been involved with animal rescue (exception, of course, being those who work in animal hospitals).

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