Feral, stray, pet.

What is the difference between feral, stray and pet cats?  Why does it matter?
Feral, stray and pet cats are all domesticated cats. Feral cats may not seem domesticated, but that is just to distinguish them from actual wild cats. Feral cats are just not socialized, so they don’t know how to live with people and will never learn to.  Stray cats have been pets but have been abandoned or lost. They may seem feral on the surface, but many of them can learn to live with people again.
Why are these distinctions important? Because they help you figure out the best thing to do if you become aware of cats that might need assistance in your community. The best thing to do for a pet cat is to help her find her way home. The American Humane Association has some tips here.
 What’s best for stray and feral cats? We’ll talk more about this in future, but for now here is a very helpful page for figuring out which you are dealing with and what is best for the cat: Difference between stray and feral cats.
Visit our ‘About’ page to learn more about how Cats in Tow helps feral and stray cats. And if you are ready to offer a fur-ever home for a loving companion kitty, visit ‘Adoptable Cats’.

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