Colony Carer Help

Taking feral cats to traditional shelters is the worst thing we can do for them.  First, most are killed; estimates go as high as 9 out of 10 for all cats brought to shelters.  Feral cats are probably over-represented in those cats that are killed in shelters because they are very difficult to put up for adoption as pets.  But they are still healthy cats that could live full lives.  They just need a little extra care.

We’ve been talking about that extra care in previous blogs.  And we’ve shared with you why Cats in Tow practices TNR – trap, neuter, release for feral cat colonies.  Becoming a cat colony carer has many rewards – the most important knowing that you are saving precious lives of course!

But there are challenges that you must think about as well.  Something that carers need to think about is the financial responsibility.  Fortunately cat colony carers are not left completely on their own in this respect.  There are many programs across the US (and world!) that will provide vouchers for spaying and neutering as well as food and expertise (which can be priceless).  Below you’ll find links to apply to the Orange County Society for the Protection of Animals for spay/neuter vouchers.  If you don’t live in Orange County, research options for your area online.  You don’t need to go it alone!

Forms: Orange County SPCA Financial Aid and Voucher Information and Application.

OCSPCA Financial Aid and Voucher Information – updated 1

OCSPCA Financial Aid and Voucher Application 2


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