More Than Good Luck for Jeta

Cats in Tow has seen many successes in placing cats into permanent homes. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the opposite as well. We wish we knew the secret to why some are easily adopted and some are not. Maybe someday we will, but for now we must celebrate those successes.

One such success story is Jeta. Jeta is a gorgeous black female who was part of a litter of six kittens born to a feral mama cat. As discussed previously, kittens of feral cats discovered at a young age can be socialized and become happy pet cats. This is crucial time as the kittens need to continue to socialize with people.

Two of Jeta’s siblings were put in foster care and thrived; however, as successful as they transitioned into wonderful pets, they still remain unadopted to the surprise of all volunteers.

Jeta Goes Home

Fortunately for Jeta, along came Phil. It was not just that Phil was looking for a kitten, he was looking for a friend for his adult cat, Lucy. And, Phil had the patience to take on the tricky matter of cat introductions.

Cats are territorial. Adopting a cat or kitten when you already have a cat can be trying. But there are many ways you can ease this transition and to even create an atmosphere where the cats will bond, becoming attached to one another.

Jeta & Phil 08-25-13

Jeta’s adoption was an event to be celebrated, but her first night in her new home was hard. Phil writes,

“All she wants to do is hide. The cat bed is against the wall behind the toilet — that’s where she wants to hide so that’s where I put her bed. This morning when I checked on her she was hiding under the cat bed. I picked her up and she didn’t hiss at me — that was good! I talked to her and petted her tummy for a good bit. She seemed to relax, and I returned her to the bathroom where she happily hid in the bed. Her tail is still kept tightly curled under her at all times which speaks to her fearful state.”

Jeta had no way of knowing that she was in a safe place.  To her it was just so much change, and cats do not like change.  But all it takes is that patience; the patience to look at the situation from the cats perspective and do all you can to reassure kitty that their new home is safe.

Patience Pays Off

Phil’s patience was rewarded almost immediately as Jeta’s second night in her new home was a big improvement over the first:

“Jeta did far better last night. I kept her in her cat bed in my lap. She felt safe, and relaxed enough to stick out a leg and let me rub her neck and tummy. She purred and I felt her continue to relax in big stages. Jeta slept in the bathroom sink last night. I didn’t put her there. She found it all on her own. Lots of great improvement on her part. Lucy enjoys that sink too. So we’re all smiles for now but for a few hisses from Lucy — I know that will change. They will both be great.”

Jeta in sink

Jeta in sink

Come back to hear more of Jeta’s story and see more photos in future entries. Cats in Tow thanks Phil and foster parent Sheridan – Jeta thanks you too!

If you’d like to read more about or fostering, related stories include Feral, Stray, Pet and Harley.


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