Introducing a New Kitten: Lucy meets Jeta

Below is another update from Phil who recently adopted Jeta from Cats in Tow. If you missed the first part, you can read it here.  Phil already had a cat named Lucy, but he is patiently bringing the new friends together.

“Jeta was really awesome last night.  So was Lucy.  I did the carrier-on-the-table and they met. That didn’t last long, but it was a good meeting.

[Suggestion from Cats in Tow: when introducing a new cat, put them in a cage or a carrier – cage should be big enough to allow movement and litter box access or a carrier for short periods of time.  Put the cage in a high-traffic area of the house.   They’ll be safe but can get used to the sights, smell, sounds and rhythms of the home.]

I took Jeta out and held her in the cat bed she uses while I put her carrier on the floor.  Lucy explored the carrier inside and out after that.  Jeta got a relaxing tummy rub in my lap in the cat bed.  After a couple hours in my lap she started looking around.  Her ears are all perked up now. That’s a good sign to me.  And when she laid down again for me to rub her belly more she wrapped her leg and tail around my wrist.  This was big — she was keeping her tail tucked under her before.  The tip of her tail started to wag back and forth slowly as she was purring.  It was a hugely awesome evening.

This morning she got up and ate in front of me when I brought in her food.  I did have to pick her up and bring her to it but she stayed and ate. Another first.

Oh –  and she’s been using the litter box since day one.  I’m very happy for her. We are well on the way to being a happy cat family.  Thanks again for the wonderful bundle of joy.”

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s normal for cats to find hidden nap spots when they are still getting used to a new home.  Phil shares that this spot is actually quite close to where he usually sits.

Check back to hear more of Jeta’s story!

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