Brave Jeta (Part 3, Introducing a New Kitten)

Phil continues to keep us posted on Jeta, a beautiful black, short-haired kitten he recently adopted from Cats in Tow.  Jeta was part of a litter of kittens who were rescued from a feral life.  Phil already had an adult cat named Lucy.  He is slowly introducing the two of them, increasing the chances that they will become fast friends.

Phil continues to do a fantastic job of introducing Jeta to a new home as well as introducing a new kitten to an established pet.  If you’d like some additional tips on this process, we found this helpful page from The Humane Society.  Patience is the key

If you’ve missed the first two entries about Jeta, you can catch up here: More Than Good Luck for Jeta (part one) and Introducing a New Kitten (part two).”Saturday update on Jeta.

She’s moving around the whole apartment now, feeling a lot braver, but still wont let me get very close.  Only within a foot or so, if i have a treat. That’s all ok.  She and Lucy have been nose-to-nose a lot and they’re beginning to play together.

Jeta does on occasion start meowing as if she’s calling for her siblings. I know she misses them.  Still, she has perked ears, her tail is always up now, she’s investigating everywhere and no longer is in shock mode.  All is well for the first week.



Huzzah, indeed.  We’ll have more updates from Phil – remember to check back!

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