Jeta Learning to Read? (Part 5, Introducing a New Kitten)

We’ve been following the adventures of a recently-adopted, black kitten named Jeta.  Jeta came to Cats in Tow with her siblings after being found with their feral mama.  Jeta was then adopted by Phil, who was hoping she’d become part of the family and a friend to their older cat Lucy.  Phil has graciously sent Cats in Tow updates on Jeta’s progress from scared kitten.  His last update really pulled at our heartstrings, but this time, he’s gone for something on the lighter side.

If you need to catch up, previous posts can be found here: part one, part two, part three and part four.

“Well there we go.

I was starting to write an email and Jeta popped up on the end table beside me and meowed.  It was easy for me to see what she wanted.  I popped her picture and she watched — to my amazement — as I typed this email.
While I don’t speak cat, I believe Jeta wants to say thank you so much.

(shhhh – she’s sleeping there now)”

We think Phil does speak cat!  His patience and love has really brought this little kitten out of her shell.

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