Making Friends (Part 6, Introducing a New Kitten)

Phil continues to keep us posted on Jeta, a beautiful black, short-haired kitten he recently adopted from Cats in Tow.  Jeta was part of a litter of kittens who were rescued from a feral life.  Phil already had an adult cat named Lucy.  He is slowly introducing the two of them, increasing the chances that they will become fast friends.

If you’ve missed the first two entries about Jeta, you can catch up here: part one, part two, part three, part four and part five.

“Jeta is playing like mad with Lucy now, and she often instigates the chasing.  Sometimes when they wrassle together Jeta is on top being ‘dominant’.  She walks over to Lucy with her tail up high, leans in and pounces.

I think that they are so awesome together now.

They love the tubes and run through the ones still on the floor like a tunnel.  I’m still trying to finish the ‘playground’.

In human relations Jeta is still skittish but every day is better.  If you walk past her she bolts only about 10% of the time.  And when I feed them I can pet her a little.


All good for now.”

This photo may appear to be showing a bit of a stand off, but Phil writes, “Jeta was done – they ate nose-2-nose then she wandered off.”  Well done, Lucy.

More updates to come, so make sure to visit again.

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