Love in Many Forms (Part 7, Introducing a New Kitten)

We’ve been following the adventures of a recently-adopted, black kitten named Jeta.  Jeta came to Cats in Tow with her siblings after being found with their feral mama.  Jeta was then adopted by Phil, who was hoping she’d become part of the family and a friend to their older cat Lucy.  Phil has graciously sent Cats in Tow updates on Jeta’s progress from scared kitten to a well-loved member of the family.

Previous posts can be found by clicking on the following links: part one , part two, part three, part four, part five and part six.

“Every day is better and better.  Jeta and Lucy are absolute playmates now.  Lucy is getting exhausted from the energy Jeta is expressing with her.  Lots of cat-naps now!  Jeta has gotten far more relaxed about being touched but still takes exception to being held.  That’s OK.  Time heals all.

I give both the cats a small handful, 5-10 pieces, of crunchy treats nearly every time I go in the kitchen now. This is BECAUSE of Jeta. She started associating the kitchen with food and the treats so she goes over to her  ‘spot’, sits and waits every time I go in the kitchen! (I am very easily trained too – shh).  I started petting Jeta every time she got fed or got a treat, just a few pats on her head or neck.  Now she won’t start to eat until I pet her.  She waits for it!

She either sleeps by Lucy or by me as well.  I am often surprised to see her laying down only a foot or two from me.  I expect with time she will discover the joy of sleeping in dad’s lap like Lucy does.  It’s gonna get crowded.

Thank you again for Jeta. We love her so much.”

No need for thanks, Phil.  Your willingness to open your home to this sweet kitten was thanks enough for us!



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