Playtime (Part 8 Introducing A New Kitten)

Phil has treated us with another update about Jeta, the beautiful black kitten he adopted from Cats in Tow just a couple short months ago.

If you need to catch up with the story, here are the previous posts: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six and part seven.

“Well I cant call Jeta a kitten any more – she’s a young lady now.

Jeta is now at a point where she and I wrassle – my hand and her paws-n-teeth. She is super sweet and mostly attacks me (I prompt it) with a pounce and then it’s on. She jumps all over the chairs and table tops and looks for a good vantage point from which to pounce on my hand again.

She loves being petted and lays down beside me to get lovins. My son has a bathrobe with a long dangling cloth belt that Jeta LOVES to chase — especially when he’s wearing it and walking around, but she has carried it out of his room and to the living room floor many times now. She thinks it’s hers! She is a huge chaser of dangling things.

She lets me pick her up but she’s still not ready to be ‘held’ for long. She’s got a free spirit. Yet she stays close, often laying down inches from me now and she meows for attention. Her meow is still this little tiny kitten meow which even Lucy hears and zeros in on. They are full sisters now, chasing each other high speed and wrassling all over the floors, eating and sleeping together side-by-side.

Jeta is at home with us, and I think she’s happy. There are still shadows of her apprehensions and protective/defensive fears. They are fading and we really don’t see them anymore. Yay Jeta, yay.

That’s all for now — I’ll take more pics when she isn’t a blur passing by or attacking my wriggling fingers.”


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