Time for a New Addition?

Hello everyone. I am Polly, a volunteer for Cats in Tow. Living in Germany, I volunteer virtually helping to find forever homes for small dogs, cats and kittens. Like many of you out there, the change of the year brought on some life changing thoughts. My husband and I are contemplating a big change for 2014 which I thought it might be interesting for our Cats in Tow family to hear about!

Our change is a pet adoption. A couple of years ago, we lost our cat to illness. We gave ourselves some time to process this loss, not getting a new cat right away. Then there was a move to a new country. But we have recently felt that it might be time to become kitty parents again because we love cats and we love having them in our lives.

In fact, we are thinking two cats this time.

We have been contemplating this change for several months. Some may think that is a bit excessive. It is just an animal (or two) some might say. But we do not agree; pets are family. They are living beings that deserve the best we can give. Are we ready to give our best?

By giving them the best, I don’t mean all that money can buy. I mean the best in terms of space, time, attention, care arrangement, proper nutrition and regular veterinary care.

Many of our questions can only be answered after the cats are in our lives, or even never! But we think it is important to consider the many aspects of pet care before jumping in. In the next couple weeks, I’ll discuss some of these different aspects and what considerations we are weighing. Please feel free to comment with your experiences of pet adoption, pet parenting or how you have been able to give your pets the best!


Pixie, our sweet kitty who passed away in 2012.

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