Valentine’s Friday Fun: Bring home the love! (An Update)

What could be more fun than a loving bundle of fur in your life? The mission of Cats in Tow is to find forever homes for cats and small dogs and always has loving animals that are looking for a family. You can come meet them at one of our Adoption Shows which are held Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm-4:30pm at Petsmart in Brea, on Imperial Highway and Kraemer Boulevard.  With the perfect companion, every Friday is filled with fun.

This is our first National Petsmart Adoption Show for 2014. For the first time we have mature cats dominating the cages: Autumn, 11, dilute torbie; Patches, 13, Calico; and DLH Black with Silver Tips Kobe and Grey and White Buffy, 14, declaw pair – separated at the OC Shelter and brought back together for adoption.

In an age timeline these cats are in their middle years as a cat’s life span can be up to 20 plus years. An average human’s life span is 80 years so if he/she were half way through it they would be 40 — time for the rocking chair? We think not.

We go the extra step with blood panels, urinalysis, and dental to insure the adopter knows where the cat is when adopted. With a great diet, lots of love, and regular vet visits, these cats have many more years to love their forever family.

Stop by and fall in love with a mature cat(s) today!

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