A Happy Ending for BC


Angie, Cats in Tow Volunteer, has a wonderful adoption story to share with us today:

“This is Raymond and Buttercup, who was renamed BC. Buttercup is a real firecracker of a cat. She was notoriously testy with everyone. A few people she was very sweet with but most of us got hisses and scratches at her worst and cold indifference at her best.

Raymond, however, was not deterred. Here’s what happened:

He knew her history and about her mostly less-than-sunny disposition. He came to visit with her. He sat on the bench in the visitors room. He called her name. She immediately bounced out of her cage, trotted directly to Raymond and lay on the floor– ON HER BACK– for him to pet her! Honestly, if I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. She had found her person!

Raymond was taken with her and we proceeded with the adoption. When it came time to crate her for the trip home, however, she was just beside herself. She was furious, scared and very uncooperative but eventually was ready for her trip home. So, the family picture was of Raymond on the bench beside Buttercup in the carrier!

The photo above shows how well BC is now doing, proving once again that cats find their people and when that happens, they thrive!”

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