Time for A New Addition, Part 3: The Precious Gift of Time

An animal is a life commitment. As discussed in our previous post, bringing a dog, cat or other animal into your life means giving them the best. This is not just for now. According to the Guinness World Records, the oldest living cat in the US is currently 31 years old! I would love to have my furry creatures in my life that long. But I also need to think about the fact that that means making decisions about moving (finding pet friendly homes), travel and more.

Another consideration of time and energy is that our household happens to be occupied by one person who is officially allergic to cats. It is an allergy that has been manageable in the past. However, it requires additional work on the part of the the non-allergic household member (me) to be extra vigilant about keeping the pet hair cleaned up. Am I ready for that kind of commitment of my time and energy?

While one of the things I love about cats is their independence, I also know that some cats want attention more than others. I love that too! Lap time, scritches, brushing, play time – all vital for a loving bond with kitty. With full time jobs, language classes, travel, we are out of the house a lot. That is one of the reasons we want two cats, but is that fair to the cats?

In terms of playtime, how much is enough? Another unanswerable question, but this article provides some guidance.

Also, the topic of travel is worth a think. Travel is important to us in our lives right now. But do we have someone who can give our furry family members the care and attention that we give them? We have had varying success over the years with friends taking on the cat care (never harming our cat, but not always up to our standards of time and attention). Having someone that would stay at our place is best, so is that available for us right now? Will it be in the future?


More questions next week, but this time on the topic of money.


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