Time for A New Addition, Part 5: Soul Mates

Once we decide we are ready for a new addition, we will need to decide what kind of pet we want. I am not saying we have decided, we are still contemplating space, time, and money. But for the sake of moving this series along, let’s pretend that there has been a decision to adopt.

Then another decision! Our next furry friends will be cats. We are cat people. We like dogs but not to share our lives with. Besides, dogs in a small, city apartment is just not appropriate in our minds. So, there are two decisions down…

Just two though, because there are so many more things to contemplate! Long hair or short hair, kitten or older, male or female? Surely a cat is a cat? Not in my experience! Every cat I have had the privilege of knowing has been special with its own personality. And I had no way of knowing what that personality would be when I knew some of those cats as kittens.

But personality is in part influenced by things like age, breed and gender. So these are considerations for choosing a cat. When I went to adopt my last cat, I was looking for a short-haired, older male. Short-hair and male to combat the allergy suffering mentioned in a previous post. Older because I worked full time and the cat would be on its own for most of the day. I thought an older, more sedentary cat would deal with this better.

Sometimes the cat chooses you. I ended up with an 8-month old female cat. At least she was a short-hair! I just fell in love with her and cannot explain how I knew she was mine and, probably more importantly, I was hers. I suspect that I don’t need to explain it to many of you!

Even though fate had another plan for me, I had considered my options. I was not concerned about breed because I was simply looking for a companion. While certain breeds are known for attributes that can be appealing – I once knew an amazing Maine Coon and would be happy to know more – I just love cats and wanted one in my life.

In the end, there are considerations to be made here. But, to be honest, sometimes you also just have to trust your gut.

Buffy & Kobe B 02-24-14

My gut says that I would have to meet this gorgeous pair! This is Buffy and Kobe, who are looking for their new family with the help of Cats in Tow.  They were photographed by Hugh Mobley. Since mid-February, Hugh has been photographing our cats and dogs. He volunteers his time and talents on-site to help our animals find forever homes.  You can contact Hugh at Hugh Mobley Photography,http://www.hughmobley.com/.

Thank you, Hugh!

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