Time for a Change

Aw, spring.

A time of birth and growth. While cats and dogs can and do give birth all year, there is always a surge in spring. Unfortunately, this is not a good things for most of these animals. In fact three to four million of these dogs and cats will be purposely killed each year in the US – euthanized through no fault of their own.

The fact is that the world is over-populated with domestic cats and dogs. And shelters are feeling the burden of this over-population. They are full to capacity and cannot find homes for many of the animals in their care.

Where does this over-population come from? We humans are ultimately responsible. We domesticated cats and dogs. It is our responsibility to care for them. Yes, they are following their own animal instincts to mate. But we can help them. We can help them by caring for them. We can help them by preventing them from having all these unwanted litters. Why don’t we?

This is a tough question, but it is one Cats in Tow will explore in the coming weeks, including the myths around spaying and neutering. It is high time for us to help our dog and cat companions!

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