Debunking the Myths: Good Homes

Our current series is exploring why so many pets go without loving homes, or worse are killed. The number one reason is that people do not have their pets spayed or neutered. But why? Why do people resist doing something that could save millions, yes millions, of lives every year?

The Humane Society’s website has a very good overview of some of the more popular myths surrounding this resistance.

In this post, we will talk about a well-meaning but wrong-headed myth: I’ll find good homes for all the puppies and kittens.

Of course we would all do our best to make sure the homes of our beloved pets offspring are good homes. But first, how can we be sure of this? Are they friends? Have we seen them with their pets? Have we observed them when they are stressed or in a bad mood? How do they handle it? Have we seen their home? Have we seen their facilities for their pets? Do we know that they will get regular vet care for the pet? Do we know that they have the finances to deal with emergencies?

Even with friends, many of these questions will go unanswered. But the biggest question is, will they then spay or neuter that animal or will they let the animal have a litter? There is no way to guarantee that they will. Even if they say they will, can you believe the promise? If they don’t, can you live with the fact that that animal may then produce hundreds of unwanted offspring?

You cannot control other people. The only thing you can do is spay or neuter your pet. But this is a huge thing and will save hundreds of lives.



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