Hello Harold (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Correction! Apologies to Harold for the incorrect title.

 Harold has been dedicating his time to volunteering with kitties who are in need of forever homes for more than 5 years. He has been with the Cats in Tow Program since we started at the Brea Petsmart in March 2012. Despite the fact that Harold has five cats of his own, he still finds the time to commit a couple of hours a week to working at our shelter. Harold has patiently worked with all of our cats and has improved many of their behaviors through positive social interaction. He is very good at letting them warm right up to him. Harold even stops by the shelter on days when he doesn’t have a volunteer shift, but just happens to be in the store getting food for his own kitties.

In this photo, Harold is sitting with our shelter diva Creamsicle. He always keeps an eye out for all of our precious fur balls and for that we couldn’t be more thankful to have him on our team! His heart is truly there for the cats.

Thank you Harold for being a devoted and enthusiastic volunteer!

 Harold w-Creamsicle (1)


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