Hello Cheryl (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Cheryl-Caliope 05-30-14

This is a photo of Cheryl and the beautiful and friendly calico Caliope. Cheryl is the definition of a rockstar volunteer. She began volunteering for the Cats in Tow program and Mutts-N-Stuff small dog rescue in July 2012 and is coming up on her two year anniversary with us. At home, Cheryl has three cats and one special needs dog, who needs insulin shots twice a day. One of the cats that lives with Cheryl and her son Mathew is Babygirl. Cheryl and Mathew took Babygirl in for long-term foster care so that Babygirl could leave the shelter environment.

Cheryl is an extremely hard worker! She has two businesses: a cleaning service and a resale business for designer items. On top of her busy schedule, she has four kids and a new grand baby. Cheryl is undeterred by her hectic life, still finding time to volunteer with Cats in Tow. On top of being a cage cleaner and socializer, Cheryl is also in charge of washing all of the laundry that comes from the shelter. Her upbeat personality brings positive energy into the shelter. We are so lucky to have her with us!

Thank you for everything you do, Cheryl!


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