Should I have my cat or dog neutered or spayed? We at Cats in Tow do not even see this as a question: absolutely, without a doubt, yes. Sadly, there are many people out there who are unsure or have doubts. Why is this? One reason is that there are so many myths out there surrounding this issues.

 Today’s post is a simple one, because we are just going to share an excerpt from the Feline Network of the Central Coast’s website. We just cannot say it any better ourselves:

“MYTH: Preventing cats from having litters is unnatural.

FACT: We already interfered with nature by domesticating cats over 8,000 years ago. In doing so, we helped create the problem of cat overpopulation. Now it is our responsibility to solve it. What is unnatural is the killing of millions of cats in our pounds and shelters each year.”

(One simple addition – the point applies to dogs too!)

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