Holiday Planning


The 4th of July is almost here. Do you have a holiday pet plan?

We may think our pets don’t want to be left out of the party, but they do! Your pet may be the very, very rare exception, but dogs and cats do not like loud noises, boisterousness, having to dodge strangers or disruption to their schedule at all.

In fact, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. They are often inundated by pets that were panicked by the noise, lights and general mayhem. Too frequently, these pets are lost or get hurt.

Of course us humans seem to crave these holiday disruptions, so we are not able to spare our pets the holiday altogether. But we can help them. If you don’t have a holiday pet plan, you need to think about one – the sooner the better.

Here are some of the things you need to think about:
  • Not everybody waits until July 4th to commence their celebrating – fireworks are available now and unfortunately, there are people out there who are not careful with them around people or animals. Put your plan into effect immediately.
  • Do not use insect repellent on your pet! If you need to control pests, use products designed for cats and dogs.
  • Keep your pet at home indoors. Again, waiting until the 4th to do this might be too late.
  • The above especially applies if your are going to a party or public celebration. Fireworks displays are no place for an animal. The least that will happen is stress for your pet. The worst is running away, injury or being lost.
  • And as a back up plan only, your pet should be properly identified. Microchips with your current information and an ID tag with their name and your phone number are the best methods – and should be present all year but now is the time to make sure the information is up to date. A current photo is good to have in the event that you have to make signs.
Enjoying your holiday is easier when you know you have done all you can for your pet!

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