Get To Know Us in 2016

We just updated our site and plan to post new info about us every few days.  We want you to get to know our program and our cats. We handle more than the Petsmart Brea Cat Adoption Center. We hope to gain your support as well as help answer cat behavior questions and give helpful product tips.  Happy Holidays to All. Making our list of Sanctuary/Transition Program wishes for 2016:

Monthly Pet Food/Supply Drives to support our kitties & dogs and reduce our cost of care.

A new LG extra large capacity top-loading washing machine with no agitator to better handle blankets and bedding. (Used in good working order ok; current washer is 11 years old.)

A yard/property clean up so we can look as good as we feel.

Get the roof and window leaks fixed before El Nino really hits.

A good whole house deep cleaning — going beyond our 3x per week cat care clean ups.

Finding a sponsor for each Sanctuary Cat so we can update medical and dental care.

 A new house/facility with support with easy access to the Brea Petsmart for our Sanctuary/Transition program and education center.


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