Trixie & Jessie – Russian Blue Sisters

SATURDAY AM UPDATE:  Both sisters arrived at vet very congested and needing vet care immediately. Running FIV/FELV test and Senior Blood Panel.  Trixie is jaundice — liver affected.  We won’t know reason or extent of disease until test results come in.

Help us help these girls!!! And help them know they are loved and cared for–not abandoned!!

REDLIST-CRITICAL-TRIXIE HAS URI–11 year old Russian Blue Sisters left at Downey Shelter because owner has mental health/disability issues and cats need Grain-free food. Friday Downey vet refused to let Trixie live beyond 4pm. And sister Jessie didn’t know what is up for her. Cats In Tow would not let these cats die–11 years young and no fault of theirs. But our vet budget is very, very low…If you can do just one thing:

1) Donate for care diectly to (DO NOT USE DONATE BUTTON ON FACEBOOK)

2) Donate Grainfree wet & dry food

3) Network/Share so we can rehome these girls quickly or find a foster to adopt family!!! Help these sisters today! NETWORK/SHARE IMMEDIATELY!!!

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