Trixie is recovering very well. She is eating on her own now (although only a little bit 1/4 can in the morning 1/4 at night). Her nasal discharge has much improvement; only mild discharge remains with the occasional sneezing. She did have a bowel movement yesterday; a little soft but overall ok. We have been continuing to give her the two oral antibiotics and appetite stimulant. Overall I do believe she is already over the hump in regards to her illness. –Dr Angelo La Palma Vet Hospital, Anaheim

Visiting Trixie — she wants to live!!

Update: I visited Trixie late this afternoon at La Palma Vet Hospital and discussed Trixie’ s test results with Dr. Angelo who cared for her all weekend. She received fluids and antibiotics. Her white blood count is now normal. Her Bilirubin decreased from 2.7 to 1.2. Her dehydration is correcting. After seeing her in person Trixie wants to live! Left grainfree wet food too! Donate. Via PayPal.com catsintow@hotmail.com Directly- -Do NOT use Facebook please.


UPDATE: TRIXIE made it through the weekend with fluids and antibiotics administered regularly. She is not eating on her own but she does look more alert. Ulcers around mouth healing. We will see if she responds to grain-free food (thanks donors!). It is costing $150 per day for her care. At this point we need some Vet Angels to fundraise — we only have $440 to pay towards the existing $840.98 billed on Friday/Saturday. ANY $$ will help–it adds up — ONLY go DIRECTLY TO PAYPAL.COM catsintow@hotmail.com  NETWORK/SHARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Trixie & Jessie – Russian Blue Sisters

SATURDAY AM UPDATE:  Both sisters arrived at vet very congested and needing vet care immediately. Running FIV/FELV test and Senior Blood Panel.  Trixie is jaundice — liver affected.  We won’t know reason or extent of disease until test results come in.

Help us help these girls!!! And help them know they are loved and cared for–not abandoned!!

REDLIST-CRITICAL-TRIXIE HAS URI–11 year old Russian Blue Sisters left at Downey Shelter because owner has mental health/disability issues and cats need Grain-free food. Friday Downey vet refused to let Trixie live beyond 4pm. And sister Jessie didn’t know what is up for her. Cats In Tow would not let these cats die–11 years young and no fault of theirs. But our vet budget is very, very low…If you can do just one thing:

1) Donate for care diectly to Paypal.com catsintow@hotmail.com (DO NOT USE DONATE BUTTON ON FACEBOOK)

2) Donate Grainfree wet & dry food

3) Network/Share so we can rehome these girls quickly or find a foster to adopt family!!! Help these sisters today! NETWORK/SHARE IMMEDIATELY!!!

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FRIDA is a quirky cat for an extra-ordinary adopter. Frida was born without a tail but she has no problems climbing or balancing. She growls to talk but isn’t angry. She loves to chase the bird toy and play. But she will tell you when she has met her petting quota. Under a year old FRIDA has many years to be your one and only cat–just the way she likes it.




Betty was overcome with Upper Respiratory Infection when CIT took her from Downey Shelter. Fluids, meds, steam and close monitoring by Dr. Angelo and staff was needed. She even had a miscarriage. After almost a month Betty moved to foster care with Zinnia S. She continued on meds for another 2 weeks but she began to have a kitten life. Two months later she was at La Palma Vet Hospital, Anaheim, to be spayed and come into the Cat Adoption Center. Betty is a purring love bug who loves to cuddle and loves to play. She will fit into a family routine quickly. Betty is under a year old and very ready for her forever family!!




We support adoptable and unadoptable cats in both our Petsmart Brea Cat Adoption Center and our Anaheim kennel-licensed Transition/Sanctuary Home. We also house Quirky Cats for Extra-ordinary Adopters.   We always need: Volunteers in Anaheim – Mon/Weds/Fri 1-6pm –Anaheim needs … Continue reading

Adventures in Catsitting, Part 2


‘Me? Cause trouble? But I am just sitting here in this box being cute.’

As I shared in the last blog in this series (Adventures in Catsitting, Part 1), hosting a friend’s cat for three weeks was a bit surprising. What surprised me was that after a week, I realized I was not enjoying the experience.

I was immediately consumed with guilt over that realization! Me, not enjoying a cat! Unheard of. Never. I love all cats.

So, I had to think this over. And it hit me that it was not the cat, but in that it was some of his behaviors that were frustrating me. Number one, his love of the 4 a.m. wake-up call. (And perhaps the interrupted sleep was leading to a not-so-positive mood).

First I had to have a few moments of gratitude. It turns out that my luck with cats has been quite amazing. Up until now I had never lived with a cat who wanted me up at 4 a.m. everyday.

But really, was that all luck? I decided to do some research into this behavior, and it turns out that it is quite typical. So how had I been so lucky? That answer came to me as I researched. Some of it had been luck. Our last cat was a sleepy girl – she would sit by the bedroom door when it was time for bed in the evenings and many mornings she would stay curled up on the bed long after we had stirred. This behavior had developed over time. When we first had her, she was kept out of the bedroom due to my husband’s allergies. As he got used to her, she got used to our sleep patterns. So in her later years, she slept with us. She would get up in the night, I would hear her occasionally eating or using her box, but then she would just curl up in her spot at the foot of the bed without disturbing us.

But more than that, we had trained her without even realizing it. Again, these were the realizations that I had as I researched cat training. However, some of the information I found in my research was new. Next week I will share more about what I found.

Cuddly Caturday

What makes Caturday even more cuddly? A loving bundle of fur! The mission of Cats in Tow is to find forever homes for cats and small dogs and always has loving animals that are looking for a family. You can come meet them at one of our Adoption Shows which are held Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm-4:30pm at Petsmart in Brea, on Imperial Highway and Kraemer Boulevard.

Here are some furry friends currently looking for their forever homes.

Having doubts about adopting a cat or kitten? No arguing with this recommendation:

Adventures in Catsitting

My friend has arrived back home after three weeks away and wants her cat back. So I am sad. I am going to miss that guy! He taught me something new about my relationship with cats, and I was surprised by that.

I have had a lifelong love affair with cats. I have been owned by one or more cats for most of my life. And now, I help Cats in Tow to help more cats find their forever homes. I love cats! I love their antics, their personalities, snuggle time, just having them in my home. However, I am not owned by any cats right now. I lost a very dear kitty a few years ago and these few years have meant a lot of changes in terms of living situation.

I have been contemplating warming my home with a furry presence for a while but was not sure my current space would really accommodate a cat – or two as my plan currently involves. I shared this contemplation last spring in a series of posts on this blog. If you would like to refresh your memory or are new, here is a link to the last of the series ‘Time for a New Addition’. So when my friend said she was going away for three weeks and needed a temporary home for her sweet guy, Aldi, I thought it was a great idea to have a house guest.

I have never met a cat I did not enjoy, but as I said Aldi surprised me. I will talk about the surprises and what I learned in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if anyone would like to share their stories of furry house guests, whether caring for a friend’s pet(s) or as a foster home, we would love to hear!


Make yourself at home, Aldi!