Caturday Clear Out

Have you been meaning to clear out the closet, attic, basement or garage? Now is your chance to clear it out and help the dogs and cats rescued by Cats in Tow. We are looking for gently used items to sell at our fundraising garage sale.  See below or visit our Facebook page for details on donating. 
And once you have done the big clear out and are wondering what other wonderful changes you could embrace, think about bringing home a new life companion! Cats and small dogs are always waiting at Cats in Tow for their forever homes. You can come meet them at one of our Adoption Shows which are held Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm-4:30pm at Petsmart in Brea, on Imperial Highway and Kraemer Boulevard.
Here are some furry friends currently looking for their forever homes. 
9-27-14 Garage Sale flyer Scan

Spring Cleaning for Kitties

As the flowers begin to bloom and the sun starts to shine, it’s again that time of year for spring cleaning! Which means cleaning out the closets, emptying out the garage and organizing the house from head to toe!

Then comes the task of figuring out what to do with all those boxes of leftover sweaters, blankets and household knick knacks. Well, problem solved!

Thriftology Flyer2

Thriftology will take any goods you want to donate, and will even come pick them up from your house (in the case of large furniture of course 😉 And the best part about it is, all goods donated will help purchase food, vet services and other supplies for our Cats in Tow kitties!

You can either drop off your items directly at our Petsmart adoption center in Brea or at the Thriftology store in Orange (address listed above). We’ll take just about anything! 😉

Help Us Save Bentley

Crawling and panting along the busy street of Venice Blvd in LA , Bentley caught the eye of a college student leaving campus. He was the victim of a hit and run and was desperately trying to get himself to safety.

After spending the night at an emergency care hospital, Bentley’s rescuer learned that it would be over $300 just for an x-ray. She decided to contact a friend whose mom helps with cats. She contacted a representative of the Cats In Tow Program, Lorraine, who recommended she take the cat to La Palma Vet Hospital for x-rays and assessment.


Bentley has a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip, but if he is kept confined to a cage for 6-8 weeks he should heal. Then, physical therapy can help him re-align his limbs to walk again.

We need to raise approximately $500 to cover his care and recovery. Luckily, Bentley has already found a dedicated foster to keep him happy but confined during his healing process. We can’t wait to have Bentley as our newest family member at Cats in Tow as soon as he is healthy again! 🙂

Click here to visit Bentley’s GoFundMe page to leave a donation, or visit the donation tab on our blog!

Fundraising Spotlight: Rex and Tanner

We have many stories of fairytales and happy endings, but the truth is many cats find their happy endings in places like our cat sanctuary. Some cats just aren’t meant to live a typical house cat life, and that’s okay. … Continue reading

Fundraising Spotlight: Diva

If you didn’t already know, Cats in Tow isn’t just about adopting cats. Oh no, we love cats way too much to stop there! The Cats in Tow Organization also provides a sanctuary for feral cats that are incapable of becoming adopted but still need a warm, loving home.

As we’ve mentioned before, cat overpopulation is a massive problem that can’t easily be solved. Trying to find a home for every abandoned cat we come across is nearly impossible, but the cat sanctuary does help relieve some of that stress. Our cat sanctuary is ordinance approved to provide a caring shelter for feral cats that cannot manage interaction with people or simply cannot get adopted.

This is where we need your help! Fundraising is a constant function of any nonprofit organization, but more than anything we need to fight to keep this conservation going!

Keep it going for who you ask? Well, meet Diva!



Diva is one of our first residents to find a home in the cat sanctuary. Our organization owner found her after a young couple informed her that they had a pregnant cat in their backyard. When Judith found her, she was skinny, crying and luckily only in heat. After taking Diva to the vet to take care of any future pregnancies, she soon settled into the sanctuary and made a home for herself in the bathroom.

Diva almost found a home in Pasadena to a lovely adopter who wanted to give her a forever home. Sadly as soon as she arrived she cried for weeks on end. Turns out Diva had become homesick for the sanctuary she was already settled into. So Judith brought her home to the sanctuary where she happily resides today.

Diva and other sanctuary cats love their happy home, but in order to keep them healthy and happy we need your help! Like we always say, any solution can be reached one paw at a time 🙂

Donate Today! 🙂


Fundraising: One Paw at a Time

It’s easy to feel helpless when faced with a big problem. You end up feeling like a tiny speck in a great big world with no way of making a difference. Especially with something as huge as cat overpopulation.

There are millions of cats on the streets without loving homes. We try to focus on helping one cat at a time because when it comes down to it, finding a home for one cat is better than leaving them all alone!

This is exactly what the Butler boys thought.

butler boys fundraising

Jacob and Mark Butler took it upon themselves to help our organization in any way they could. So they started small, and with something they could access. They decided to collect cans, and lots of em!

Before they knew it they collected a nice chunk of change. And in the grand scheme of things, it may not be a large sum to solve the overall problem. But those cans are going to buy a new bed for a cold kitty, more food for a starving family, and new toys to create a life of happiness for our balls of joy.

And we think that’s more than amazing. It’s exactly how we run our organization, one paw at a time 🙂