Weekday Blues

Are you having a hard time making it to the weekend? You made it over hump day, but it’s still only Thursday. Sure sounds like a case of the weekday blues, and you’re not alone.


 Sometimes knowing there’s someone out there that can feel your pain is all it takes. And these pictures are nothing compared to the videos that go along with them.

If you need a pick me up, check it out! 🙂

Friday Fun: Cat Cooking

Thinking of trying out some new recipes this weekend? Why not enlist the help of your favorite furry friend…

buzzfeed cat cooking

Believe it or not, cats are a great sous chef in the kitchen! Take it from Buzzfeed. It sure seems like they know what they’re doing in the kitchen, especially when it comes to shopping and kneading.

buzzfeed shopping

buzzfeed kneading

I think we should take more cooking lessons from our cats, it sure seems like they know what they’re doing 😉

buzzfeed flour

Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to enjoy the love of your special furry friends this weekend! 🙂

Glamour Shot Wednesday – Cute Men and Cute Cats

So as you know, we like to take a little time out of our Wednesday routine to acknowledge the plethora of adorable pictures of cats. So far we’ve focused on our own lovable cats but today, I decided to share some photos of other adorable cats. More importantly, cats that look like famous men.

Cute men and cute cats: where can you go wrong?

buzzfeed guybuzzfeed boy 3buzzfeed boy 4buzzfeed boy 5

Want to see more? Why wouldn’t you.