Get Ready for National Feral Cat Day

Next Thursday is National Feral Cat Day. Wondering what National Feral Cat Day is? It was launched by Alley Cat Allies ‘to raise awareness about feral cats, promote Trap-Neuter-Return, and recognize the millions of compassionate Americans who care for them.’ (from the National Feral Cat Day website). All over the country, various organizations have planned events to increase awareness, educate people and help these often-misunderstood kitties.

If you would like to learn more about feral cats, Cats in Tow ran a series of posts last year discussing several aspects of the feral cat issue. Click on the titles to read more: What to Do; First Step; Stray, Feral, Pet; The Feral Fix; Why TNR; Cat Colony Care; TNR: Humane Trapping; Colony Carer Help and More Help for Feral Cats. (all will have links)

Or better yet, get involved with National Feral Cat Day. Click here to find an event taking place near you. If you are in Orange County, the OCSPCA has organized a Feral Fix drive. Or contact your local rescue shelter to find out what you can do.

Feral cats are not wild animals. They have been domesticated by humans and need our help. What’s your plan for National Feral Cat Day?

Introducing Our Amazing Volunteers

Cats in Tow is blessed to have a fantastic group of volunteers. We thought we’d introduce you to some of these dedicated people in the coming weeks.

First up, Jessica.


Jessica began volunteering at our shelter in September and has set aside two  days a week to clean cages and socialize with our cats. Jessica has been working with all of our cats but has made so many improvements with  Daisy.  Daisy first came to our shelter scared and afraid to leave her cage.  However, through patience and positive interactions with Jessica and other volunteers, Daisy has warmed up to people.  She now purrs and loves to lap sit.  Daisy is awaiting her forever home where she will be a loving addition.  Thank you Jessica for all of your hard work.