Friday Fun: Fabulous Felines

The dogs had their day, so the kitties must have theirs as well. And of course, a cat’s day should be nothing less than marvelous (Marvelous Cat Facts link)!

Looking for a marvelous kitty of your own?  Cats in Tow has fabulous felines waiting for their fur-ever home!

Friday Fun: The Poetry of Cats

Momma of one cat and two daughters, teacher and Alaska/Florida resident Kristin generously composed some cat poetry (two haikus and a limerick) for Cats in Tow to share this week.  Enjoy!

the cat seemed regal
sleek and agile and serene
’til the hairball came

leaping and pouncing
I will catch that shiny spot
if it takes all day

There once was a cat named Larry
He was fat and extremely hairy
He loved to be stroked
If stopped you’d get poked
As far as cats go, he was exemplary.