Hello Amanda (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)


Amanda began volunteering with the Cats in Tow Program Mutts-N-Stuff small dog rescue in order to gain community service hours for school. She is in tenth grade and attends Valencia High school. Amanda has two dogs in her house but she has never had cats of her own. She loves coming in on her day off to spend time with the animals at the shelter. Amanda plays with all of the cats and helps them get their daily exercise. She is very patient and has no problem connecting with different cat personalities.

Even though Amanda originally started volunteering for community service, she has found that she really enjoys working with the cats in the shelter. She has actually finished all of her hours but decided to continue volunteering with us for personal reasons.

We are very thankful for all the help during the weekend adoption shows! Thank you, Amanda!

Hello John (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

John is one of our younger volunteers at 14 and is about to graduate from Hutchinson Middle School! He decided to volunteer with us because he needed 30 hours of community service for his language arts project. Although John has no cats at home and limited experience with animals, he is looking forward to learning how to care for animals. John really likes cats but hasn’t been able to have any of his own because he has two dogs already.

In the photo below, John is working with one of our kittens, Sunny D, who is extremely playful! John is very enthusiastic and outgoing. He is great at socializing with people and is building his socializing skills with animals. We are delighted to have him on our team.

Thank you John for choosing the Cats in Tow Program as your community service experience.


Playtime (Part 8 Introducing A New Kitten)

Phil has treated us with another update about Jeta, the beautiful black kitten he adopted from Cats in Tow just a couple short months ago.

If you need to catch up with the story, here are the previous posts: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six and part seven.

“Well I cant call Jeta a kitten any more – she’s a young lady now.

Jeta is now at a point where she and I wrassle – my hand and her paws-n-teeth. She is super sweet and mostly attacks me (I prompt it) with a pounce and then it’s on. She jumps all over the chairs and table tops and looks for a good vantage point from which to pounce on my hand again.

She loves being petted and lays down beside me to get lovins. My son has a bathrobe with a long dangling cloth belt that Jeta LOVES to chase — especially when he’s wearing it and walking around, but she has carried it out of his room and to the living room floor many times now. She thinks it’s hers! She is a huge chaser of dangling things.

She lets me pick her up but she’s still not ready to be ‘held’ for long. She’s got a free spirit. Yet she stays close, often laying down inches from me now and she meows for attention. Her meow is still this little tiny kitten meow which even Lucy hears and zeros in on. They are full sisters now, chasing each other high speed and wrassling all over the floors, eating and sleeping together side-by-side.

Jeta is at home with us, and I think she’s happy. There are still shadows of her apprehensions and protective/defensive fears. They are fading and we really don’t see them anymore. Yay Jeta, yay.

That’s all for now — I’ll take more pics when she isn’t a blur passing by or attacking my wriggling fingers.”

Love in Many Forms (Part 7, Introducing a New Kitten)

We’ve been following the adventures of a recently-adopted, black kitten named Jeta.  Jeta came to Cats in Tow with her siblings after being found with their feral mama.  Jeta was then adopted by Phil, who was hoping she’d become part of the family and a friend to their older cat Lucy.  Phil has graciously sent Cats in Tow updates on Jeta’s progress from scared kitten to a well-loved member of the family.

Previous posts can be found by clicking on the following links: part one , part two, part three, part four, part five and part six.

“Every day is better and better.  Jeta and Lucy are absolute playmates now.  Lucy is getting exhausted from the energy Jeta is expressing with her.  Lots of cat-naps now!  Jeta has gotten far more relaxed about being touched but still takes exception to being held.  That’s OK.  Time heals all.

I give both the cats a small handful, 5-10 pieces, of crunchy treats nearly every time I go in the kitchen now. This is BECAUSE of Jeta. She started associating the kitchen with food and the treats so she goes over to her  ‘spot’, sits and waits every time I go in the kitchen! (I am very easily trained too – shh).  I started petting Jeta every time she got fed or got a treat, just a few pats on her head or neck.  Now she won’t start to eat until I pet her.  She waits for it!

She either sleeps by Lucy or by me as well.  I am often surprised to see her laying down only a foot or two from me.  I expect with time she will discover the joy of sleeping in dad’s lap like Lucy does.  It’s gonna get crowded.

Thank you again for Jeta. We love her so much.”

No need for thanks, Phil.  Your willingness to open your home to this sweet kitten was thanks enough for us!


Making Friends (Part 6, Introducing a New Kitten)

Phil continues to keep us posted on Jeta, a beautiful black, short-haired kitten he recently adopted from Cats in Tow.  Jeta was part of a litter of kittens who were rescued from a feral life.  Phil already had an adult cat named Lucy.  He is slowly introducing the two of them, increasing the chances that they will become fast friends.

If you’ve missed the first two entries about Jeta, you can catch up here: part one, part two, part three, part four and part five.

“Jeta is playing like mad with Lucy now, and she often instigates the chasing.  Sometimes when they wrassle together Jeta is on top being ‘dominant’.  She walks over to Lucy with her tail up high, leans in and pounces.

I think that they are so awesome together now.

They love the tubes and run through the ones still on the floor like a tunnel.  I’m still trying to finish the ‘playground’.

In human relations Jeta is still skittish but every day is better.  If you walk past her she bolts only about 10% of the time.  And when I feed them I can pet her a little.


All good for now.”

This photo may appear to be showing a bit of a stand off, but Phil writes, “Jeta was done – they ate nose-2-nose then she wandered off.”  Well done, Lucy.

More updates to come, so make sure to visit again.

Becoming Family (Part 4, Introducing a New Kitten)

Another Jeta post, and this one is sure to bring a smile to your face – or maybe a tear to your eye.  Jeta was adopted from Cats in Tow by Phil, who is doing an incredible job of introducing her to a new home and a new pal, Phil’s older cat Lucy.

Previous posts can be found by clicking on the following links: part one, part two and part three.

“I’ve discovered I have to carry my camera on me — when I ‘catch’ Jeta doing something cute and I go get the camera – well, it’s over.

She’s getting way braver now. She got into a chair right beside me and laid there for over an hour while I watched TV. I petted her once, and purred to her and praised her. That’s about all the attention she lets me give before she gets timid.

She is definitely following Lucy’s examples for behavior. They sleep in the bathroom or the hall or the living room together now, and they’ve started to play chase with each other – especially at 3am. Gahh!

I did get a couple pics of them on the dining room table eating treats together.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Other than Jeta still being a tad shy at times she has really come out of her shell. She’s an awesome kitty-cat now. If she continues to follow Lucy’s example she will become a cat-person in no time! Lucy has really pulled her weight here for Jeta. And that’s what family does.”

What an amazing family Jeta has found herself in!

Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley


Harley (previously known as Kiki) is a playful gray tabby who is doing a little growing up before she will be spayed and ready for adoption (one of the kittens in the Cats in Tow pre-adoption program). While she waits, she has been lucky enough to find herself in a foster home with one of our fantastic volunteers, Kassidy.  Harley’s foster mom has been kind enough to send in some photos and a report on how Harley’s first week has gone. 
“It’s been a fun week for me and Kiki. She was excited to get acquainted with her new dwellings. The one major thing I learned about Kiki is that she is a very playful and hyper kitten. Rarely ever do I see her not jumping and moving around from one play article to another….  When she is ready to cuddle she’ll come up to me and play on my chest.”
As this photo shows, Harley may just be getting this cuddling thing down though!

The Story of One Feral Cat

A woman found a stray cat in her backyard and discovered she was pregnant. She coaxed in her house and she had her 5 babies in her bathroom. Unfortunately she died soon after. The woman bottlefed and nurtured the 5 babies and they grew strong and playful. They enjoyed their home and she kept them safely inside. Her granddaughter loved to watch them play. She noticed they would go to the window and cry. She heard another cat outside who would cry too. She figured the kitties wanted to play with one another so she let the outside kitty inside. Several months later, each one of the 5 inside only cats began to give birth to their own litters. Within 3 months there were 5 inside cats plus a litter of 7 kittens, 3 litters of 4 kittens and 1 litter of 5 kittens–all safely kept inside the house! Hmmm, how many kitties will there be in 8 months? Spay and Neuter even if you have an inside only cat, please!