What to do

You see a cat hanging around your house. Not your cat or a cat you know. Perhaps it looks well cared for and does not seem to fear you too much. Or perhaps it looks a bit rough, not very clean, thin and quite scared of you and others. You see it once, then twice, then several times a day. Then you see another cat.
Do you know what to do in this situation?  There are of course many things that you can do, but what is best for these cats?  What is best if they are truly feral?  How about if they are abandoned or lost pets?  They could be neutered/spayed, but if not you know things will only get worse.
If you don’t what to do, you are not alone.  That’s why Cats in Tow is happy to see that the Orange County SPCA has launched a new website with a great deal of information relating to lost pets, spaying and neutering, helping feral cat populations, pet care assistance for low-income households and more. 
Click here to learn more then share with your friends and family. Knowing where to go is a huge part of figuring out what to do!