A New Year’s Message

Happy New Year from Cats in Tow! The most important step we all can take to help cats in dogs is spaying/neutering our own pets and educating our friends and family to do the same. Let’s make 2014 a better year for our furry friends!

Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley


Harley (previously known as Kiki) is a playful gray tabby who is doing a little growing up before she will be spayed and ready for adoption (one of the kittens in the Cats in Tow pre-adoption program). While she waits, she has been lucky enough to find herself in a foster home with one of our fantastic volunteers, Kassidy.  Harley’s foster mom has been kind enough to send in some photos and a report on how Harley’s first week has gone. 
“It’s been a fun week for me and Kiki. She was excited to get acquainted with her new dwellings. The one major thing I learned about Kiki is that she is a very playful and hyper kitten. Rarely ever do I see her not jumping and moving around from one play article to another….  When she is ready to cuddle she’ll come up to me and play on my chest.”
As this photo shows, Harley may just be getting this cuddling thing down though!

The Story of One Feral Cat

A woman found a stray cat in her backyard and discovered she was pregnant. She coaxed in her house and she had her 5 babies in her bathroom. Unfortunately she died soon after. The woman bottlefed and nurtured the 5 babies and they grew strong and playful. They enjoyed their home and she kept them safely inside. Her granddaughter loved to watch them play. She noticed they would go to the window and cry. She heard another cat outside who would cry too. She figured the kitties wanted to play with one another so she let the outside kitty inside. Several months later, each one of the 5 inside only cats began to give birth to their own litters. Within 3 months there were 5 inside cats plus a litter of 7 kittens, 3 litters of 4 kittens and 1 litter of 5 kittens–all safely kept inside the house! Hmmm, how many kitties will there be in 8 months? Spay and Neuter even if you have an inside only cat, please!

Weekday Blues

Are you having a hard time making it to the weekend? You made it over hump day, but it’s still only Thursday. Sure sounds like a case of the weekday blues, and you’re not alone.


 Sometimes knowing there’s someone out there that can feel your pain is all it takes. And these pictures are nothing compared to the videos that go along with them.

If you need a pick me up, check it out! 🙂

Fundraising: One Paw at a Time

It’s easy to feel helpless when faced with a big problem. You end up feeling like a tiny speck in a great big world with no way of making a difference. Especially with something as huge as cat overpopulation.

There are millions of cats on the streets without loving homes. We try to focus on helping one cat at a time because when it comes down to it, finding a home for one cat is better than leaving them all alone!

This is exactly what the Butler boys thought.

butler boys fundraising

Jacob and Mark Butler took it upon themselves to help our organization in any way they could. So they started small, and with something they could access. They decided to collect cans, and lots of em!

Before they knew it they collected a nice chunk of change. And in the grand scheme of things, it may not be a large sum to solve the overall problem. But those cans are going to buy a new bed for a cold kitty, more food for a starving family, and new toys to create a life of happiness for our balls of joy.

And we think that’s more than amazing. It’s exactly how we run our organization, one paw at a time 🙂