Hello Andie & Joe (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)


Andie & Joe are grad students who work as a pair! Andie heard about Cats In Tow through her very good friend Amy, who happens to be our Cage Cleaner Coordinator. Andie came in to help out and fell in love with our kitties. She and Joe have been volunteering with us since the first part of December. Even with a cat and a dog at home, they say they have learned to have lots of patience when interacting with the cats. Because as we all know, nobody tells a cat what to do or when to do it! Their summation: “Cats are great!”

We could not agree more. Thank you Andie and Joe. We and the cats appreciate your patience!

Friday Fun: Bring home the love!

What could be more fun than a loving bundle of fur in your life? The mission of Cats in Tow is to find forever homes for cats and small dogs and always has loving animals that are looking for a family. You can come meet them at one of our Adoption Shows which are held Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm-4:30pm at Petsmart in Brea, on Imperial Highway and Kraemer Boulevard.

With the perfect companion, every Friday is filled with fun!

Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley (Part 4)

We at Cats in Tow think all cats deserve a good life. For the last few days we’ve shared the story of Harley, who through the Cats In Tow pre-adoption program, is well on her way to such a life. Harley, previously known as Kiki, is living in a foster home and socializing with people until she is old enough to be spayed and adopted. While Harley has some things to learn, like how to enjoy being petted without thinking hands are play things, she definitely seems to be taking to some aspects of domesticated life.  Here are a few more highlights from foster mom Kassidy’s report on Harley’s first week:

“Kiki loves to roll around continuously and has hours of play in store. She loves batting at her toys when she’s on her scratching post. Her favorite place to nap is on my furry blanket.”
Yes, that furry blanket does seem to just the right spot for Harley!


Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley (Part 3)


We all know that cats have been enriching our lives since Egyptian times. But they are still not fully domesticated in that they need to be socialized with humans at an early age. Cat rescue organizations, including Cats In Tow, rely on volunteers to take in these young kittens who are not old enough to be spayed/neutered, and therefore adopted, to get the kittens used to people.
Harley is one of these young kittens and is learning the ways of people with foster mom Kassidy.  Kassidy sent us a report and photos from Harley’s first week, and we are sharing some of the highlights.  Harley (previously known as Kiki) is taking life with people in stride.  Kassidy shares: “She was not afraid of any visitors and was eager to play with them.”
If this photo is any indication, Harley seems to quite enjoy the spotlight.

Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley (Part 2)

This week we are featuring the story of Harley, previously know as Kiki.  Harley is in our pre-adoption program and is living with a foster family until she is ready for spaying and adopting. Since Harley’s foster mom sent us some enchanting photos with the report on Harley’s first week, we thought it was a great way to talk about the Cats In Tow pre-adoption program.
Some of you may be wondering how this tiny little kitten already has two names. While this can happen when there is confusion on the sex of a kitten, Harley’s case is a matter of personality. Foster mom Kassiday came up with the suggestion, ” I was wondering if I would be able to rename Kiki to Harley. Her rambunctious personality fits it way better than Kiki. And also she… [has the] loudest purr I’ve ever heard!”
You can almost hear that engine humming when you look at this photo!

Pre-adoption Spotlight: Harley


Harley (previously known as Kiki) is a playful gray tabby who is doing a little growing up before she will be spayed and ready for adoption (one of the kittens in the Cats in Tow pre-adoption program). While she waits, she has been lucky enough to find herself in a foster home with one of our fantastic volunteers, Kassidy.  Harley’s foster mom has been kind enough to send in some photos and a report on how Harley’s first week has gone. 
“It’s been a fun week for me and Kiki. She was excited to get acquainted with her new dwellings. The one major thing I learned about Kiki is that she is a very playful and hyper kitten. Rarely ever do I see her not jumping and moving around from one play article to another….  When she is ready to cuddle she’ll come up to me and play on my chest.”
As this photo shows, Harley may just be getting this cuddling thing down though!