Hello Amanda (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)


Amanda began volunteering with the Cats in Tow Program Mutts-N-Stuff small dog rescue in order to gain community service hours for school. She is in tenth grade and attends Valencia High school. Amanda has two dogs in her house but she has never had cats of her own. She loves coming in on her day off to spend time with the animals at the shelter. Amanda plays with all of the cats and helps them get their daily exercise. She is very patient and has no problem connecting with different cat personalities.

Even though Amanda originally started volunteering for community service, she has found that she really enjoys working with the cats in the shelter. She has actually finished all of her hours but decided to continue volunteering with us for personal reasons.

We are very thankful for all the help during the weekend adoption shows! Thank you, Amanda!

Hello John (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

John is one of our younger volunteers at 14 and is about to graduate from Hutchinson Middle School! He decided to volunteer with us because he needed 30 hours of community service for his language arts project. Although John has no cats at home and limited experience with animals, he is looking forward to learning how to care for animals. John really likes cats but hasn’t been able to have any of his own because he has two dogs already.

In the photo below, John is working with one of our kittens, Sunny D, who is extremely playful! John is very enthusiastic and outgoing. He is great at socializing with people and is building his socializing skills with animals. We are delighted to have him on our team.

Thank you John for choosing the Cats in Tow Program as your community service experience.


Hello Cheryl (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Cheryl-Caliope 05-30-14

This is a photo of Cheryl and the beautiful and friendly calico Caliope. Cheryl is the definition of a rockstar volunteer. She began volunteering for the Cats in Tow program and Mutts-N-Stuff small dog rescue in July 2012 and is coming up on her two year anniversary with us. At home, Cheryl has three cats and one special needs dog, who needs insulin shots twice a day. One of the cats that lives with Cheryl and her son Mathew is Babygirl. Cheryl and Mathew took Babygirl in for long-term foster care so that Babygirl could leave the shelter environment.

Cheryl is an extremely hard worker! She has two businesses: a cleaning service and a resale business for designer items. On top of her busy schedule, she has four kids and a new grand baby. Cheryl is undeterred by her hectic life, still finding time to volunteer with Cats in Tow. On top of being a cage cleaner and socializer, Cheryl is also in charge of washing all of the laundry that comes from the shelter. Her upbeat personality brings positive energy into the shelter. We are so lucky to have her with us!

Thank you for everything you do, Cheryl!

Hello Harold (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Correction! Apologies to Harold for the incorrect title.

 Harold has been dedicating his time to volunteering with kitties who are in need of forever homes for more than 5 years. He has been with the Cats in Tow Program since we started at the Brea Petsmart in March 2012. Despite the fact that Harold has five cats of his own, he still finds the time to commit a couple of hours a week to working at our shelter. Harold has patiently worked with all of our cats and has improved many of their behaviors through positive social interaction. He is very good at letting them warm right up to him. Harold even stops by the shelter on days when he doesn’t have a volunteer shift, but just happens to be in the store getting food for his own kitties.

In this photo, Harold is sitting with our shelter diva Creamsicle. He always keeps an eye out for all of our precious fur balls and for that we couldn’t be more thankful to have him on our team! His heart is truly there for the cats.

Thank you Harold for being a devoted and enthusiastic volunteer!

 Harold w-Creamsicle (1)

Hello Briana (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Briana, a sophomore in high school, volunteers for her love of animals. She has been a volunteer with Cats in Tow since early December of last year.  Briana’s dog has been living with her Grandpa since they moved recently, but she can hardly wait for him to come back home! When asked to share one of the things she has learned since volunteering, she quickly said,”Patience!”.  Briana is holding rescue dog Jack this photo.

Briana, thank you so much. Jack and the other dogs and cats value your love, time and patience!


Hello Andie & Joe (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)


Andie & Joe are grad students who work as a pair! Andie heard about Cats In Tow through her very good friend Amy, who happens to be our Cage Cleaner Coordinator. Andie came in to help out and fell in love with our kitties. She and Joe have been volunteering with us since the first part of December. Even with a cat and a dog at home, they say they have learned to have lots of patience when interacting with the cats. Because as we all know, nobody tells a cat what to do or when to do it! Their summation: “Cats are great!”

We could not agree more. Thank you Andie and Joe. We and the cats appreciate your patience!

Hello Jazelle (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Jazelle, a high school freshman, loves all animals but feels that cats relate better to her and vice versa. Her volunteering goal is to win the Mayors Award which is awarded after 150 hours of volunteer service during your four years of high school. She has been volunteering for a little over a month on the weekends. She is learning to understand cat behavior so she can entice them into and out of their cages as needed. Jazelle is a true animal lover with two dogs and a cat at home.

Understanding cats is a valuable skill indeed, Jazelle. Thank you for sharing your skill with Cats in Tow!


Time for A New Addition, Part 5: Soul Mates

Once we decide we are ready for a new addition, we will need to decide what kind of pet we want. I am not saying we have decided, we are still contemplating space, time, and money. But for the sake of moving this series along, let’s pretend that there has been a decision to adopt.

Then another decision! Our next furry friends will be cats. We are cat people. We like dogs but not to share our lives with. Besides, dogs in a small, city apartment is just not appropriate in our minds. So, there are two decisions down…

Just two though, because there are so many more things to contemplate! Long hair or short hair, kitten or older, male or female? Surely a cat is a cat? Not in my experience! Every cat I have had the privilege of knowing has been special with its own personality. And I had no way of knowing what that personality would be when I knew some of those cats as kittens.

But personality is in part influenced by things like age, breed and gender. So these are considerations for choosing a cat. When I went to adopt my last cat, I was looking for a short-haired, older male. Short-hair and male to combat the allergy suffering mentioned in a previous post. Older because I worked full time and the cat would be on its own for most of the day. I thought an older, more sedentary cat would deal with this better.

Sometimes the cat chooses you. I ended up with an 8-month old female cat. At least she was a short-hair! I just fell in love with her and cannot explain how I knew she was mine and, probably more importantly, I was hers. I suspect that I don’t need to explain it to many of you!

Even though fate had another plan for me, I had considered my options. I was not concerned about breed because I was simply looking for a companion. While certain breeds are known for attributes that can be appealing – I once knew an amazing Maine Coon and would be happy to know more – I just love cats and wanted one in my life.

In the end, there are considerations to be made here. But, to be honest, sometimes you also just have to trust your gut.

Buffy & Kobe B 02-24-14

My gut says that I would have to meet this gorgeous pair! This is Buffy and Kobe, who are looking for their new family with the help of Cats in Tow.  They were photographed by Hugh Mobley. Since mid-February, Hugh has been photographing our cats and dogs. He volunteers his time and talents on-site to help our animals find forever homes.  You can contact Hugh at Hugh Mobley Photography,http://www.hughmobley.com/.

Thank you, Hugh!

Hello Brittany (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)


Brittany, a freshman in high school, has given us one month of service so far. A fan of cats and dogs, Brittany chose to volunteer with Cats in Tow because of the opportunities available. Even with her own dog at home, Brittany says she really loves her time here with the animals. She has become aware of the fact that all of the animals have a story and didn’t realize all the hardships that sometimes force people to relinquish their animals. That those hardships are then forced on the animal is especially moving for Brittany.

Thank you, Brittany for being there to care for these animals – you are relieving their hardships with your kindness!

A Happy Ending for BC


Angie, Cats in Tow Volunteer, has a wonderful adoption story to share with us today:

“This is Raymond and Buttercup, who was renamed BC. Buttercup is a real firecracker of a cat. She was notoriously testy with everyone. A few people she was very sweet with but most of us got hisses and scratches at her worst and cold indifference at her best.

Raymond, however, was not deterred. Here’s what happened:

He knew her history and about her mostly less-than-sunny disposition. He came to visit with her. He sat on the bench in the visitors room. He called her name. She immediately bounced out of her cage, trotted directly to Raymond and lay on the floor– ON HER BACK– for him to pet her! Honestly, if I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. She had found her person!

Raymond was taken with her and we proceeded with the adoption. When it came time to crate her for the trip home, however, she was just beside herself. She was furious, scared and very uncooperative but eventually was ready for her trip home. So, the family picture was of Raymond on the bench beside Buttercup in the carrier!

The photo above shows how well BC is now doing, proving once again that cats find their people and when that happens, they thrive!”