Cats of Israel (Part 1)

Cats in Tow Volunteer Angie came back from a trip to Israel with an heartwarming story about the feral cats living in this fascinating area. We’ll share her story over the next couple weeks.

“On a recent trip to Israel, I was so proud to see an amazing example of coexistence between feral cats and an entire country!

There are literally hundreds of feral cats roaming around there. Everywhere, in every alley, in every nook and cranny of every city…and they are amazingly healthy and happy. There are feeding stations everywhere for them and they wander around the outside seating for restaurants (which almost every restaurant has) and customers also feed them.”


Hello Vanessa (Introducing the Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Meet Vanessa, our newest volunteer for the Cats in Tow shelter at the Brea Petsmart! Vanessa decided to volunteer with us because she loves animals and wants more experience working with them. One day she hopes to become a veterinarian. She is looking forward to taking care of our cats and learning about their different personalities. Thank you for joining our team!


Meet Kenneth (Introducing the Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)


Kenneth has been volunteering with our program for a few months. He joined our program because he needed community service hours for school but has been pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoys working with cats. Kenneth uses his charming personality to socialize and all of the cats love him! He has been dedicated since day one, and we are very lucky to have him at our shelter. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Introducing Our Amazing Volunteers

Cats in Tow is blessed to have a fantastic group of volunteers. We thought we’d introduce you to some of these dedicated people in the coming weeks.

First up, Jessica.


Jessica began volunteering at our shelter in September and has set aside two  days a week to clean cages and socialize with our cats. Jessica has been working with all of our cats but has made so many improvements with  Daisy.  Daisy first came to our shelter scared and afraid to leave her cage.  However, through patience and positive interactions with Jessica and other volunteers, Daisy has warmed up to people.  She now purrs and loves to lap sit.  Daisy is awaiting her forever home where she will be a loving addition.  Thank you Jessica for all of your hard work.

Volunteer Spotlight: the Gates Family

Volunteers are the backbone of the Cats in Tow organization and we can’t even begin to salute those that have assisted this organization in any shape or form. As a small non profit, we rely on the goodwill of others … Continue reading