Hello Briana (Introducing our Amazing Cats in Tow Volunteers)

Briana, a sophomore in high school, volunteers for her love of animals. She has been a volunteer with Cats in Tow since early December of last year.  Briana’s dog has been living with her Grandpa since they moved recently, but she can hardly wait for him to come back home! When asked to share one of the things she has learned since volunteering, she quickly said,”Patience!”.  Briana is holding rescue dog Jack this photo.

Briana, thank you so much. Jack and the other dogs and cats value your love, time and patience!


Introducing Our Amazing Volunteers

Cats in Tow is blessed to have a fantastic group of volunteers. We thought we’d introduce you to some of these dedicated people in the coming weeks.

First up, Jessica.


Jessica began volunteering at our shelter in September and has set aside two  days a week to clean cages and socialize with our cats. Jessica has been working with all of our cats but has made so many improvements with  Daisy.  Daisy first came to our shelter scared and afraid to leave her cage.  However, through patience and positive interactions with Jessica and other volunteers, Daisy has warmed up to people.  She now purrs and loves to lap sit.  Daisy is awaiting her forever home where she will be a loving addition.  Thank you Jessica for all of your hard work.