Weekend Staycation Guide

Are you thinking about heading away for the weekend but don’t have the time or the money? Maybe you just need some new ideas on how to have out-of-the-box adventures?

Well you’re in luck, because we’ve found great ways to bring the vacation right to your own home! And all with the help of Buzzfeed.

Don’t have the means to fly to Cabo? Don’t worry! These simple tips will help bring Cabo right to your doorstep.

First thing’s first, go through the motions of a regular trip. Pack a suitcase full of new, fun vacation outfits and stick to that dress code. After all, you can’t change your mind when you’re on vacation. Now’s the chance to wear that new polka dot summer dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion.


Next, you have to enjoy the sweet summer sun. So what if it’s not summer yet, that means nothing on a staycation!  Turn up the heat and wear that new bikini proud!


But the heat isn’t the only thing that’s going to bring that beach vibe home. You also need the sun rays! So open up those blinds and let that tanning lotion work its magic because you’ll be back Monday morning with the best tan in the office!


Another big part of a vacation is sleeping in a new place. Ah the beauty of hotel beds! Well who says you can’t have that experience at home too. Why not steal your roomie’s bed for a night just to get that “new bed” experience! Or pick a place you wouldn’t normally sleep. You never know what could end up being comfortable.


laundry basket

And who can forget the fancy bathtubs they put in hotel rooms! Now I’m sure you have a bathtub, and you always say “I should really take a bath one day, it would be so relaxing.” Well today is that day! Embrace the staycation!


But when it really comes down to it, vacations are all about the time you get to spend with that special someone. That uninterrupted, purely spiritual connection you form with another person while you’re miles away from all the worries of the real world. Now you, my friends, do not need to be hundreds of miles away to have this dream come true. All it takes is a mentality change. So shut off your phones, step away from that TV and enjoy the peace and quiet of pure happiness.


Have a happy staycation everyone!

Friday Fun: Cat Cooking

Thinking of trying out some new recipes this weekend? Why not enlist the help of your favorite furry friend…

buzzfeed cat cooking

Believe it or not, cats are a great sous chef in the kitchen! Take it from Buzzfeed. It sure seems like they know what they’re doing in the kitchen, especially when it comes to shopping and kneading.

buzzfeed shopping

buzzfeed kneading

I think we should take more cooking lessons from our cats, it sure seems like they know what they’re doing 😉

buzzfeed flour

Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to enjoy the love of your special furry friends this weekend! 🙂