We list our volunteer positions on Volunteermatch.org

We always need on-line website and fundraising expertise. Contact us directly and tell us how you can help our cats, kittens and dogs: catsintow@Hotmail.com


Where the rescue began – Transition/Sanctuary with caged & uncaged cats/dogs. The Anaheim Resort District location is an OC Animal Care permitted kennel in a home setting located south of Katella Ave/S. Manchester next to the 5 Fwy. We are not a public shelter. Access is by application and invitation only.

Volunteers help us maintain healthy cats/dogs socializing, holding, walking, and interacting with cats, kittens, and dogs and through normal cleaning/sanitizing activities: clean litter boxes, mop floors, clean porches and yards. Some facility repair is always appreciated. 

We accept applications from 16 years or older students, adults 18 and over, college students, retirees, and company service leaders for pre-arranged service days. An on-site orientation is conducted where we discuss your animal handling experience and goals. A minimum of 3 hours per week is required and a day/time will be determined during your first visit. Normal days of operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-6pm.


Volunteers submit a completed application telling us about your animal handling experience. Shift assignments depend on the volunteer’s availability and open shifts at the time of application. An on-site orientation is held. Volunteers are on probation until reviewed.

Our volunteers act as Cat Ambassadors when they care for our cats during 3 shifts per day/7 a week.  Because of our volunteers, potential adopters may visit with the cats, complete an adoption application, and set up an appointment (714-878-1371) all during store hours.  Importantly, through patience, play, and interaction Volunteers help our cats move from abandonment to adoptable.